Elite 5 Series review

The Elite 5 is one of the best Gps unit product for tracking down fishing destinations. The Elite-5 DSI can successfully maintaining a record of fishing hot spots along with outstanding precision. The distinctive Lowrance Downscan Image resolution technology display screen excellent photo-like views in the whole under the sea region beneath your boat. The Lowrance Elite-5  features a magnificent Double 455/800 KHz Coverage. Select 455 KHz to get deep sonar image coverage and 800 KHz designed for improved viewing for focused position. Using the superior Exposed Thermoclines system available on the Lowrance Elite-5 DSI it is easy to observe the boundaries between lower colder water and also upper warmer water. Having Elite 5 Series, things are all truly revealed and zip remains on the imagination. It is easy to distinguish between soft and hard bottoms, in addition to certain fish structures. Having incredible high quality photo like views you’ll be able to recognize vegetation, laydowns, ledges, drop offs, wrecks, such like and so on.

That is certainly not all. Other than first class photo-like display screen, the Lowrance Elite-5 DSI also includes many handy abilities such as a Several Map/Chart option which you could access the most recent mapcard selections. The Lowrance Elite-5 DSI also abilities amazing Accuracy Gps device Position Accuracy, by using a 16 channel GPS antenna created specifically for the purpose of first-class navigation guidance. Exterior antenna options readily available also. The Lowrance Elite-5 DSI is absolutely practical in stylish in every single way,structural form. It doesn’t consist of lots of first class GPS traits but it’s additionally absolutely customizable to the customer’s wish for. The Elite 5 offers optimal viewing using its expanded sonar image display color scheme options. The interface of Lowrance Elite-5 DSI is very well made and positively beautiful. Which has a basic menu with both text and icons made for easily selections, a 5 in 127 mm display size, a 256 SolarMAX display type, 23 supported languages, Fluorescent Backlighting and even more.

The GPS attached to Lowrance Elite-5 DSI is incredibly effective with no less accurate. With the internal highly sensitive antenna and being able to receive as much as 16 channels it gives you an incredibly comprehensive world map featuring over 3000 lakes including depth contour, shoreline detail plus much more. One more element of Elite-5 DSI is the hi-def FishTech charts together with DrDepth installed. The readings are fast to load, bright and there isn’t any lagging whatsoever.

Lowrance Elite Series 5 DSI is easy to setup and very user friendly, with a dual frequency of 455/800 KHz split screen as well as a four page selection. This feature is quite unique which is hardly within every other good high frequency imager. Lowrance Elite-5 DSI will assist you identify not really a certain structure as an illustration but the fish near that structure.

The Elite 5 high frequency imager is certainly one from the finest high volume imagers on the market. Not only is it improved using the finest capabilities obtainable just about all is available for a very convenient price. Elite 5 Series is undoubtedly a superior quality and affordable gadget worthy of an experienced angler.

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