what is a fashion photographer?

Any photographer can call himself a way photographer and they also do! Which is very sad and reflects bad for the specialization of the real fashion photographer. Just what fashion photographer i hear you ask? A photographer creating images which make consumers need it the clothing shown from the image. Okay so I shoot a female in the t-shirt, position the image by using an online shop and voila! I’m now a fashion photographer! Right? Wrong! The challenge now a days it is really that ecommerce sites do exactly that! The shoot a okay looking model against a grey backdrop wearing clothing showing her front, side and back. This really is ecommerce photography and never real fashion photography. Nothing is interesting within the image, it shows the clothing mostly in cheap studio lighting and nothing more. The greater ecommerce store shoot an offer where they book a real fashion photographer check out a nice location with all the better models and create truly eye catching images to produce a mood on their website. Creating these images needs time to work, it takes research, a thought, knowing your target audience, budgeting for models, location, photographer, makeup, wardrobe styling etc. This teamwork creates images that will truly sell the apparel inside the ecommerce website.

On the planet we reside in everything must make maximum profit and everything must be suitable for the smallest amount of amount of money. Budgets are tight even when there is enough money to make something better yet but the stockholder must see profit annually. The stock holder doesn&rsquot value the caliber of the photographs, he only begin to see the stock portfolio with growing numbers not knowing those numbers can&rsquot grow when individuals are not excited to buy the product or service! If your apparel business is not publically traded there’ll be owners who rather get a costlier car to show with their success rather than putting the cash back into their business to assure longterm prosperity. This is the world the style photographer are operating in. While on the other hand the digital equipment and software gets a lot more expensive and upgrades need to be made almost yearly to be current. The digital photography remains inside it&rsquos infancy along with the picture quality of each one new camera model is indeed far better. Image file sizes get larger and larger and to process those files you will need faster computers and you’ll want to update on the latest software so that you can color process the photographs you created to keep up with your rivals. And everyday another photographer enters industry using a better vision or better contacts and also in the arena of the style photographer it’s not your identiity but whom you know!

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